Coffin Dust This Cemetery, My Kingdom CD CD
This Cemetery, My Kingdom CD

Coffin Dust This Cemetery, My Kingdom CD CD

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Release Date: February 18, 2014

The debut album from Philadelphia's COFFIN DUST is finally available again after the initial short run of this beast of a release sold out in 2014.

"Musically, we’re dealing with full-on death metal with a serious crossover thrash & grind fetish; some parts sound like Gorerotted, some sound like Death, some rep Exhumed, some channel old Slayer, and all of it fucking rules." - Kim Kelly (

Guest Appearances:
Lord Long Cape / Francis O'Kane (CAPE OF BATS)
Robert Russell (LIVING DECAY)
Alex Citrone (RAZORMAZE)
Chuck McIntyre & Anton Escobar (TOMBSTALKER)
Chris Grigg (WOE)
Brandon "Stench" Hartwell (NIGHT NURSE)
"Maniac" Neil Smith (BLOOD FREAK)

Initial press limited to 100 on Digipak CDr (Sold Out)
Repress limited to 300 on proper Digipak CDs

Unholy Anarchy Records (2014)

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