Communion of Thieves Communion of Thieves | Dendritic Arbor Split EP 7"

Communion of Thieves Communion of Thieves | Dendritic Arbor Split EP 7"

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Release Date: April 15, 2014

El Paso’s COMMUNION OF THIEVES have been cranking out their distinct brand of blackened crust since 2010.  The crushing d-beat and shear devastating blasts make their music truly intoxicating, and their DIY ethic is second to none.  The band’s debut EP, To Serve Man, received praise from a variety of outlets, including Profane Existence.  COMMUNION OF THIEVES contribute two songs that absolutely destroy!

Pittsburgh’s DENDRITIC ARBOR are only a year old, but have a bludgeoning sound that combines the best elements of blackened noise, grind, hardcore and the likes.  Their debut EP, Sylvan Matriarch, received great reviews from No Clean Singing, Occult Black Metal Zine, and Valley of Steel.  Their two track contributions on this split are their best material to date, and speak volumes as to future of DENDRITIC ARBOR.  Be sure to check out the band's newest release, Romantic Love, out on Grimoire Records.

Side A (Communion of Thieves)
1. Taxes for the M.I.C. (Intro)     2:04
2. Contaminated Demolition     2:30
3. Manos Anciosas     3:10

Side B (Dendritic Arbor)
1. Iridium     3:08
. Calcium     3:49

Vinyl edition limited to 300 copies, with 100 on white vinyl and 200 on black vinyl.  Includes screen-printed lyric insert and download code.

Unholy Anarchy Records | At War With False Noise (2014)