Wobbler From Silence to Somewhere 12"
From Silence to Somewhere

Wobbler From Silence to Somewhere 12"

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Release Date: November 17, 2017

140gram black vinyl, comes in a gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve.

On "From Silence to Somewhere" Wobbler cooks an enigmatic, multi flavoured and adventurous brew in the olde black cauldron. Poignant and edgy guitar riffs, melancholic and harmonious verses, powerful crescendos, energetic spinet driven passages and the odd touch of flamenco and italian recitals. Four epic songs, clocking in at 47 minutes. Thematically spun around a wondering view on metamorphosis, change and alchymism – a bit of a continuation from the previous album “Rites at Dawn”, but slightly darker and more introspective.

Musically, there’s a connection to all of the three previous albums, while at the same time making new ground. Inspiration from renaissance music and old Italian prog has seeped into the mix, as well