Hierophant Spawned Abortions EP 7"
Spawned Abortions EP

Hierophant Spawned Abortions EP [Limited Edition] 7"


Release Date: September 7, 2018

One new track and one Bolt Thrower cover from Italy's Blackened/Death/Sludge juggernaut, HIEROPHANT.  

"Spawned Abortions" is utter chaos, absolute disgust, and shows that HIEROPHANT continues to crush it with each new song they conjure.

"Realm of Chaos" is a Bolt Thrower classic, and HIEROPHANT does supreme justice to a song that crippled the masses when it originally released in 1989.

Total pressing of 500, with 100 on Bone White Vinyl and 400 on Black Vinyl.  Includes digital download code.

Release Date: 7 September 2018
Unholy Anarchy Records