Hexvessel All Tree (Clear-Black Marble) 12"

Hexvessel All Tree (Clear-Black Marble) [Limited Edition] 12"

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Release Date: February 22, 2019

Gatefold LP with 180g clear-black marble vinyl ('Otherworld Spirit' edition), 16-page LP booklet and exclusive bonus track "Summer Fires".

Limited to 500 copies! 


1. Blessing
2. Son Of The Sky
3. Old Tree
4. Changeling
5. Ancient Astronaut
6. Visions Of A.O.S.
7. Sylvan Sign
8. Wilderness Spirit
9. Otherworld Envoy
10. Birthmark
11. Journey To Carnac
12. Liminal Night
13. Closing Circles
14. Summer Fires (Bonus Track)