Vassafor Invocations Of Darkness 3xCD
Invocations Of Darkness

Vassafor Invocations Of Darkness 3xCD

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Digifile 3xCD

Acknowledged as one of New Zealand’s finest and filthiest Black-Death metal bands, VASSAFOR mark the beginning of their collaboration with Debemur Morti with a massive 3-CD set entitled "Invocations Of Darkness".

This impressive corpus of pure malevolence is intelligently collected into 3 discs representing 3 different strands of the Codex : "Mortis" for death worship, "Fatum " for doom channelling, and "Antiquitas" for the dedications to the ancestors.

"Invocations Of Darkness" is every mortal breath of VASSAFOR, every composition, from the period MMX - MMIV, available on CD for the first time.

Expect nothing less than 150 uncomfortable minutes of nauseous melodies, blackened fury, and dangerous incursions into doomier territory…