Trench Warfare (US) Hatred Prayer CD
Hatred Prayer

Trench Warfare (US) Hatred Prayer [Limited Edition] CD

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Release Date: August 9, 2019

One of the most highly awaited albums on the label this year is of TRENCH WARFARE who shocked listeners with their raging blend of black and death metal. They're not holding anything back and vomiting forth their vile music with all the force they can muster. It's a diabolical concoction of all that what makes this style work while adding an element of darkness and unpredictability to make them stand apart from their ilk. With a brilliant artwork from Misanthropic Art, the vision of the band is made clear and their ill-feelings towards major religions without discrimination are palpable through their music. Witness the sonic devastation that this new band is capable of and cower in fear at its overarching intent.

Album line up -
Tony Goyang Jr. - Guitars, bass
Lee Fisher - Drums
Jay Gorania - Vocals

Artwork - Misanthropic Art (UADA, SARGEIST)
Layout and art direction - Francesco Gemelli (MASTER, PAGANIZER)